Wednesday, April 28, 2021

What is happening to Shego in her own book ?

  What is happening to Shego in her own book ?

  At the beginning of any new episode we always have the heart beating too fast. I may be too enthusiastic about what the hell shego and Kim Possible are going to show us. The main fact is we know that both Kim and Shego are not easy to handle.

     Dr Drakken may make the thing sometimes too complicated. But at the Shego will always have what she deserve the most.

1- Why is shego my best evil that have ever live ?

    When it comes to commit evil act the exist a bunch of villains in the game but among them they are some that still feel hard to hurt a similar species as them. Between crazy super villains i have a personal feeling going to Shego.

     Even when she is challenging Kim Possible with her sidekick Ron Stoppable her paint is always the same. Rufus can assist his partner in any given situation but they won't succeed face to face with the shego's team.

      Dr Drakken is a well experimented scientist with outstanding abilities, when he team up with Shego the world is in total danger. Usually his game consist about eliminate the human specie from the earth but Shego and her team still becoming stronger every single day trough all adversities. the more she figh the more she become stronger and stronger.

    Shego cosplay herself is a character with a super-villain power that allow her to generate green electrical energy. But up until now she never kill the number of human being she was still expected. That is one of the biggest reason she is still my number one evil" I mean she is my best evil for ever.

2- What will happen if Shego will die ?

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Monday, September 30, 2019

Where to find great fursuits for sale online ?

     It is time for Halloween, 91% of the family is concerned about this particular event that appears every year with more vivid. It goes without saying that the most attractive part of each Halloween is the apparel that we wear. That is why many are looking for furry suits. Personally, I am a fan of superheroes such as Spiderman, Batman, Catwoman, Iron fish, etc ...

Why Fursuits are good as costumes?

    Yesterday morning my 4 years old younger daughter asks me this question: Daddy why fursuits are good as costumes? I didn't know exactly what to say but anyway I said something like this: Animal is the primary behavior of every human being. Maybe that is why we like to feel sometimes like animals by wearing their fur. And now she went on the internet and tried to find fursuits for sale. It is becoming her new way of leaving. Costume for couples is also in trend depending on the status of the person whos looking for. Some are gay or hetero. For a way of making things, we also have some types of fursuits like skull fursuits, fox fursuits,
     She owns now has around 12 to 15 completes sets of fursuits. Halloween time is now an exercise for her. With that being, I have been here for a while and all her friends start to follow her on this adventure. I never taught them this is going to be like this but for me, she enjoys her new style.
     What is really good about the way people are wearing costumes? perhaps this is how they can express their abilities to perform better as an animal rather than a human. I don't understand why this trend is booming out now.

How much cost a great fursuit? 

    The people who always tried to ask themself if it is worth big money for fursuits for sale are those who don't understand the meaning of the word ''FUN,," Pleasure is what makes us enjoy life, that makes us feel great to be here for now and forever. Good life in the kind of them that you won't need to take as financial or not. the only thing to do is to develop the kind of income that will help you enjoy more life. have fun traveling the world and life with those that really count.
  For example, some years ago, I meet a guy who was spending something like $400 easily to acquire a new costume for his Halloween day. And then I asked how He can spend such an amount. He taught me because he has just bought his girlfriend something for around $700. 
It's a way of saying if you like something, especially a thing that makes you happy, the hesitate: go for it or for skull fursuits.
For now, I just want to emphasize the fact that fursuits for sale, are for those that believe in it. Halloween is the place to showcase your love for a particular animal. 

How to make your own fursuits easily?

    Now with the internet available everywhere, you can easily have access to unlimited data, catalogs, charts,s and even products that you couldn't find in your local store. All this is due because we can online purchase now. we can order quite anything and receive it on your doorstep in just 2 or 3 days, sometimes it is a matter of hours.  Online guide and supplier has made things easier for you. For a good order in some stores, you can receive it faster than ever. Every company is trying now to make better the way they handle the delivery. Faster and better are in every successful company right away.
   With that being said, let's have a look at the way you too can make your own fursuits and enjoy them better than the one from a big company.
To realize a good costume you need to have a little patience and craft handyman, all the rest is to follow a tutorial step by step available on youtube

Sunday, September 29, 2019

4 reason everyone should wear a good fursuits for sale costume

     Halloween is coming closer, family need more thing to focus on. When older people focus on home decoration, youth tend to apply tricks and techniques to their apparels. They put energy in what to wear on that particular day. In this free report I will be bringing to some new way that make people thick for a particular raison.
This article is about 7 reasons everyone should wear a good handmade costume. batman costume

1- Handmade costume is good for local businesses

In today life most local businesses are going trough difficult time due to internet buyer. Buying handmade costume is the best thing someone can do in order to support the local business.
Local business owners are people like you and me. They are your neighbours, your friends, they are your family and they are reliable. Handmade costume help your community to survive in difficult moment. 69% of the money you are spending in a local shop will stay in the community. That will help other local business too.

2- Handmade costume promote social relationship

By dealing with the local business instead of the big multi national company, we tend to socialize more and more. Our circle of friends will probably increase. We will know more on each other maybe yours sons or daughters are attending the same school or same choral club. By visiting your local business you will probably be surprise how close you are. Many thing you can make together such a build a strong community. By doing so, you play you own game with all the biggest fan out there. Why not be part of a community growth. It's important to bring all energy together for the success of the community.

3- A handmade costume is environment friendly

While others big companies pollute the most, small local business in the other hand are environment friendly. They pollute less and they are involve in many local activities. It's important to care on our climate. They are already partners with many other local business. In this case promote this the ways of caring. According to the national research, handmade costume. Whether it is due of the community purpose 

4- which fursuits to choose ?

In todays trend, people tend to rationalise easily on which costume to choose for. But now things are getting more and more complicate. Small brands start produced their good overseas. we are now on a stage where globalization is changing local habits, Even tradition is now affectd by what people seen in tv, on internet, in magazine or ear in radio. This bring us to a level of misconduct. I aim to choose spiderman costume for many reason.